Sweet and Simple

Kindness. Something you can’t do without it impacting you. It benefits the giver as much as it benefits the receiver. Pretty cool.

It is not a complicated thing or way of being at all really. It just means those who practice it are aware of not only themselves, as well as being aware of those around them. It’s a heart connection and one that ties us to the best of humanity.

The Dalai Lama puts is so eloquently  ……

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Image result for dalai lama quote on kindness

May kindness be our guiding light.
Travel joyfully my friends!


Sharing our Unique Self with the World!

I am Nature’s greatest miracle! Isn’t it wonderful that while we share so many similarities with each other, no one fingerprint is the same! It’s really quite amazing to think of that when we consider there are approximately 7.125 Billion (as of 2013) of us on planet earth! So many of us and yet we each inherently carry something that makes us unique and never to be copied in totality. Quite wonderful!

Brings to mind teaching art classes. There are always those students who worry that if too many people learn the same technique, it will be copied and done over and over again.  I don’t fret such stuff. To date I have not seen anyone in a class make anything that looks the same to anyone that anyone else has made. Everyone has their own sensibility they bring to the making process in much the same way I’m sure we all do to what ever it is we do. It is fascinating to think how wonderfully the same we are and yet how uniquely different we are and that is what makes this world so diverse and rich.

To further that thought Og refers to nurturing our drive to continuously strive for our very best and not get “stuck” in complacency of past achievements. This is the stuff that keeps us vital and makes our lives rich with the adventures and experiences we invite when we persist toward continuous growth. Where did this idea come from that once we retire or get older, we give up?!

My Mom was 98 years young when she passed.  She had moved through some tough challenges in her life growing into the vital, vibrant vulnerable being she was, that brought so much joy to everyone who crossed her path. She didn’t finish high school. Went to an off campus university course to study print making for the first time when she was 78 years young.

She found something in every day to be excited about and grateful for, whether it was a new blossom on a plant in spring, a bird coming to the feeder, the color of a morning sky ~ much like the positive statement we are writing on a card every day. On those days when she was feeling blue, which happened more often as her brothers, husband, sister and friends passed away before her, she would make a really big pot of soup, remembering  the lovely things about them as she chopped vegetables to fill the pot and she would feed everyone who came around. She didn’t have to know them, they could be anyone who knocked on the door whether there to fix something or sell something. They would arrive at her door a stranger and leave a friend, always coming back to visit and not just because she made amazingly good soup, as much because she had a way with people.  She was generous with her time, and her joy was infectious and she didn’t stop learning, reading or gardening and taking wind baths until 3 days prior to leaving this planet.

She taught me a lot about being grateful, being persistent and working towards a goal. Sometimes her persistence would drive me crazy, but now, I realize it was a seed she planted that is growing.  She would have been spreading the word about MKMMA all over the Canadian North and other continents travelled had she known about it. She was a natural networker! At her celebration of life, we rented a hall for 250 people and it ended up we didn’t have enough room. She had a long life and didn’t stop making new friends of all ages as she traveled through it.

Such a gift in having the choice to live every day richly and celebrate our uniqueness and MKMMA is giving us all the tools we need to do it! Doesn’t get any better than that! Be well my fellow travelers.

I Can Be What I Will To Be Joyfully!

I love the holiday season. The bright colors with splashes of glitter; the music, the smells of cinnamon & pine, and the joy I see reflected around me. It’s not about giving gifts but rather giving of our time to each other.  Between Xmas and New Years is a time for reflection for me and watching inspiring films. One of my annual favorites is Harvey with Jimmy Stewart. It’s a whimisical film and one has to listen carefully to catch the brilliant one liners strewn throughout and in it’s own way speaks very much about persistence and Elwood P Dowd speaks most delightfully about harmony and cultivating a sweet disposition while juxtaposed by the surrounding ongoing drama.

I was not able to get the recommended films during the holidays, however I have read Wild and watched both Cool Runnings and Rudy and remember them well ~ all wonderful examples of Focus, Concise DMP’s and Persistence against all odds.

I watched Door to Door several years ago and it has stayed with me ever since. A powerful film and  the character’s tenacity, focus and persistence was remarkable without question and a fine example of everything Scroll III encapsulates. Bill Porter did not let anything stand in his way and forged ahead with a gentle, persistent focus and all the while observed without judgement everything that was going on in and around him. His persistence won him admiration from those who at first judged him and many came to depend and look forward to his visits. Nothing was an obstacle to Bill Porter. All the words and phrases pertaining to “can’t” we’re not part of his reality, never mind his vocabulary. His keen non-judgemental observation facilitated in bringing harmony to those around him and bridging what seemed, insurmountable hurdles. He opened his community to love; a love with no attachment to outcomes.

I was especially struck by the interaction with his assistant who found it difficult to reconcile the homosexual relationship between two men with her faith.  He put it so eloquently within a context she could accept within the doctrines of her faith. Brilliant!  Bill Porter has remained in my mind since watching that film. He is persistence and harmony, incarnate.

Happy New Year Fellow Travelers. It is going to be a Fabulous One!

Wk 13 Live Imperfectly with Great Delight!

It’s a curious and most wonderful life, this life I enjoy and every year finds me feeling more and more grateful for it. It’s been an interesting journey and time and a couple of countries later, my way of  being in this world is  so much more positive and joyful ~ light years away from where I started! ” I persist until I succeed” has in one way or another been a mantra in my life always, however forgiving and letting go of stuff has not been something I’ve been good at until recently and through the process of putting into practice the MKMMA daily  and being gentle with myself that I have not achieved perfection in my practice yet, and  I quote LarryThompson http://masterkeylarryt.dlaurance.com/week-12-in-spite-of-myself/,  who eloquently wrote in his blog

“While there were still items on the list that I didn’t quite get into line, I recognize that when we make our very best efforts, even if they are flawed, we can accomplish beyond what seems possible.”

Love that. Was feeling badly that I hadn’t been able to reach the goals I had set out just right and when I read this, it inspired me to continue forward knowing that our best efforts will get us there. Quoting Mandino: “Each blow, of itself, may be trifling, and seem of no consequence. Yet from childish swipes the oak will eventually tumble. So it will be with my efforts of today.”

Those intentions aligned with “I greet this day with love in my heart” allows for much more gentle into my life and permission to drop the rocks I’ve been lugging around for too long! Learning to forgive one’s self allows me to let go of those long held grudges that serve no good purpose. During my sits I reach out in love sending blessings to those I have had difficulty with and in so doing allowing the light into those musty old dark corners of my being that needed airing out. It invites joy and ease into my heart and life, and I find I don’t get caught up in the silly angst of trying to force things to happen in a certain way any longer.

This year we had an “orphans xmas ” on the fly at our house. It occurred to me that I knew all these people that had no family or any where to go for Xmas and it spontaneously happened. A lovely afternoon / evening with good food, a little cheer and friends around the table. Quite magical.

The changes that have come about due to MKMMA are truly amazing. At first subtle, now they seem to be picking up momentum and on the roll. My life is awesome and 2016 is going to be even more so! Thank you Mark and Davene and blessings to all my fellow MKMMA travelers!

Cinch by the Inch!

One step in front of the other is not a difficult thing to do and while it may work slowly; it works and that’s what counts! I’ve had a lot on my plate these past weeks, assisting my husband with his new biz and that’s a long and varied list all by itself. That along with year ends for our existing business and preordained weekly commitments, has taken all my time leaving crumbs for studio time. Oddly enough, my focus remains in the studio and sneaking an hour or two here and there has afforded me a continuity at least and those crumbs begin to add up in to a nice little pile eventually!

Persistence is a wonderful thing and combined with purpose and burning desire becomes a mighty powerful force in one’s life. It is an ever unfolding gift how the MKMA weaves all the essential threads together, revealing the roadmap and tools to manifest our burning desire.

Every week something else was introduced and it sometimes felt like there wasn’t enough time to get it all done. Now all of sudden, here we are with the flow each exercise put into motion in our lives and we repeated it until it started to feel less like an impingement and more like something comforting to repeat daily. It brings structure and continuity and then the excitement begins like a slow boil deep inside, burning brighter and growing strong with every day.

Persistence, continuity and the universal flow. Get it done and I can be what I will to be! It’s working and I’m grateful and loving life and I know there is a whole lot more to come. These are just the beginning steps to my future self. Joyful traveling my fellow MKMA journeyers!


When In Doubt ~ Persist!

A relatively low energy week for me this week and it was a daily struggle to maintain my commitments with MKMA and for no particular reason either. Wasn’t as on top of things as I normally would have been, however worked it through. Completed my revised Press Release to align with my new DMP and it feels much better and now working on a new Vision Board so the continuity is in force.

Cinch by the inch is a motto I follow and even this week, the “Do It Now” and “I Can Be What I Will To Be” are my daily jingles. These really assisted me in staying true to my journey even though sluggishness set in.

While the message of the scroll resonates, the read itself is  difficult after the gentle wash of scroll 2. I will persist.

Looking forward to the webinar boost and starting strong this week!

Be well my fellow journeyers

Plant the seed and watch it Grow!

sunflowersWhat an amazing week! While I have come to love the Thanks Giving holiday more and more each year, this year is doubly so with the beautiful visualization of planting the seed and watching it grow to blossom! Fantastic sit and so calming and inspirational and cleansing.

Reading my DMP over the past few weeks have gnawed at me to the point to where I realized I needed to change it! My husband and I work  closely together and are connected on many levels and it became gradually clear I had written some of his dreams into my DMP! The re-write feels much more authentic and now I am working on my Press Release again. It feels like the armor has been chinked ~YEAH!

The dreams continue. Not always comfortable and at times wake me during the night, but they are what they are and I look at them and let them go. Some are quite lovely. I have not recalled any dreams for a long time so this is quite welcomed even though at times disturbing. I see it as clearing out of the old junk that no longer serves good purpose.

The visualization and scroll reading are a wash of gentle to the soul and having given up the diet of news, TV and drama allows me an incredible sanctuary of peacefulness. Am not a huge TV watcher at the best of times, but was “a news addict” feeling I needed to know what was going on in the world. I don’t miss the drama at all. “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” and I refer back to this affirmation often to replace those nasty little negatives that like to rear up, though I find their strength is fading. The new self talk is growing stronger. There is a brightness and joyfulness that is much more present in my life these days that I can only attribute it to the MKMA working in my life. ” Do it Now” and “I can be what I Will to Be” are jingles I sing, speak and play with through out the day and they serve me incredibly well! Thought is the cause and it’s working it’s way into every fiber of my being!

On this day we give thanks, I am thankful for this incredibly discovery / process / journey and to all my fellow MKMS travelers, may we grow our gardens well. Wishing you joy, peace and love in the journey.

Be The Change …


Be the Change you want to see in the world!  I get it ~ I really get it now. This reading is so timely especially considering recent events, and it would be easy to get caught up in the flurry of angst, worry, anger and fear if it were not for the changes the MKMA has brought about in the way I experience being! And it’s a subtle understanding that I come to, so subtle ~ now fully grasping the difference between Emerson and Carlyle’s approach to the same outcome. That it is so easily I am seduced into feeling I’m following the right way,… doing the right things to support what I feel is right and true, and then realize… Oops! Bashing, what ever it is I’m not happy with,  means I’m focusing my energies on drawing that very thing to me!!! So while I think I’m doing the “right” thing, really I’m drawing all that negative energy I’m putting out there into my very subconscious and making it mine! Yikes!

Now I get what Mark was saying from the get go. Watch your language and how you use it very carefully! Language creates the construct of the reality we live in, there by attracting to us what we ask for. Wow! Huge break through and especially for me because all my life I have come to it from the negative aspect and totally unaware of it! Those small words that make all the difference.

This is a whole new way of seeing and feeling and being in the world around me. It holds the seed of hope to be a light, verses the one pointing the finger, and oh my goodness, I’ve been guilty of that wagging finger often and not proud of it! Really excited to be getting it and it is a daily practice I invite into my life.Getting the subtle difference between the two is HUGE. It’s an easy one to miss. The 7 day diet and all the exercises have worked so well in bringing me to this. AWESOME stuff!

It has really helped to bridge the yawning expanse of feelings from recent events and not get “stuck” in the heaviness that washes through me when such tragedy occurs. To be a light and bring that light to the world that so yearns for it. It’s just a very little light, but and when, added to other little lights will grow to be bright and strong.

Thank you to all of you fellow MKMA explorers for your light!





Do It NOW with Feeling!

Interesting week ~ busy, and having said that, while I’ve been busy it seems things are getting done regardless! It feels a little like magic. Love starting the day with the scroll. Such a beautiful read and even though sadly, the world is moving through such violence; this scroll fills me with hope. If we are all reading these words and putting them into practice, then there is light. Reading that, doing the exercises and practicing visualization is really powerful stuff. The “Do It Now” and “I Can Be What I Will To Be” are amazing and I feel them working in my life. Things Do get done and my confidence is growing. They are some kind of amazing the way they work in our lives at subtle levels.

Have yet to maintain any kind of continuity on the mental diet but happy to feel a sense of progress and every day there is some, so I will continue the practice. And then there is Focus! Some days are better than others. Some moments in the day are better than other moments. It’s a surprise to learn however how allusive it is. Strange as I’ve always thought I had such good focus!!! It’s quite the revelation to find, I really don’t!   All these varied and multitudinous imperfections are showing themselves of late or may be I’m just becoming more aware. What ever, I am glad I can laugh at myself. It’s been fodder for a lot of laughter and laughter is good for the soul.  It’s a wonderful practice, this and every day unfolds in new ways of stretching and changing. Enjoy!

Change that channel!

The visual has really hit home for me this week. That along with the meditation has made the connection to make my future self real to me ~ someone I am getting to know in my heart. The dot’s are starting to connect in a real way. It still takes a conscious effort to release and let go of resentments, however it’s much easier now to replace them with my meditation place. So much more joyful! It amazes me how much brain space it takes to hang onto resentments and anger. A LOT and it’s exhausting! Had a total blow out this week with a client that shocked me! Loosing my temper with a client is just not something I do, and yet here I was doing it! It was resolved, but it left me feeling TERRiBLE afterward and made me realize that perhaps something was awry with subby. Didn’t think the changes this program were inspiring were cause for disruption emotionally, but seems I was wrong. Subby was feeling the squeeze out of that comfortable couch potato mode and this was an out should I opt to take it. Have a sticky note on my computer screen that says something to the effect of…. don’t quite before the miracle happens. I’m committed and understand this is a daily practice. At least this process is teaching me to identify the muck for what it is before it starts to grow roots, and change that channel to something more creative. No More old tapes. It’s time to move on toward forward! Still having really vivid dreams. Not quite so strange, but filled with so much emotion. It’s a wild and wondrous ride. Till next time.