Wk 13 Live Imperfectly with Great Delight!

It’s a curious and most wonderful life, this life I enjoy and every year finds me feeling more and more grateful for it. It’s been an interesting journey and time and a couple of countries later, my way of  being in this world is  so much more positive and joyful ~ light years away from where I started! ” I persist until I succeed” has in one way or another been a mantra in my life always, however forgiving and letting go of stuff has not been something I’ve been good at until recently and through the process of putting into practice the MKMMA daily  and being gentle with myself that I have not achieved perfection in my practice yet, and  I quote LarryThompson http://masterkeylarryt.dlaurance.com/week-12-in-spite-of-myself/,  who eloquently wrote in his blog

“While there were still items on the list that I didn’t quite get into line, I recognize that when we make our very best efforts, even if they are flawed, we can accomplish beyond what seems possible.”

Love that. Was feeling badly that I hadn’t been able to reach the goals I had set out just right and when I read this, it inspired me to continue forward knowing that our best efforts will get us there. Quoting Mandino: “Each blow, of itself, may be trifling, and seem of no consequence. Yet from childish swipes the oak will eventually tumble. So it will be with my efforts of today.”

Those intentions aligned with “I greet this day with love in my heart” allows for much more gentle into my life and permission to drop the rocks I’ve been lugging around for too long! Learning to forgive one’s self allows me to let go of those long held grudges that serve no good purpose. During my sits I reach out in love sending blessings to those I have had difficulty with and in so doing allowing the light into those musty old dark corners of my being that needed airing out. It invites joy and ease into my heart and life, and I find I don’t get caught up in the silly angst of trying to force things to happen in a certain way any longer.

This year we had an “orphans xmas ” on the fly at our house. It occurred to me that I knew all these people that had no family or any where to go for Xmas and it spontaneously happened. A lovely afternoon / evening with good food, a little cheer and friends around the table. Quite magical.

The changes that have come about due to MKMMA are truly amazing. At first subtle, now they seem to be picking up momentum and on the roll. My life is awesome and 2016 is going to be even more so! Thank you Mark and Davene and blessings to all my fellow MKMMA travelers!


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  1. Aloha Ruby, Oh, your orphans’ Christmas celebration sounded wonderful!!! Friends of ours in Guelph, Ontario do that at Canadian Thanksgiving, with each person picking a dish from their menu (they’re professional cooks/bakers) to make and bring. Nothing else like it!!! So happy to hear you’re being kind and gentle with yourself. Thank you for being on this MKMMA journey! Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

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  2. This is a fantastic post Ruby. Thanks for the reminder of acknowledging what we’ve achieved. Congratulations on letting go, persisting, and the Orphans Christmas. Very inspiring.


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