I Can Be What I Will To Be Joyfully!

I love the holiday season. The bright colors with splashes of glitter; the music, the smells of cinnamon & pine, and the joy I see reflected around me. It’s not about giving gifts but rather giving of our time to each other.  Between Xmas and New Years is a time for reflection for me and watching inspiring films. One of my annual favorites is Harvey with Jimmy Stewart. It’s a whimisical film and one has to listen carefully to catch the brilliant one liners strewn throughout and in it’s own way speaks very much about persistence and Elwood P Dowd speaks most delightfully about harmony and cultivating a sweet disposition while juxtaposed by the surrounding ongoing drama.

I was not able to get the recommended films during the holidays, however I have read Wild and watched both Cool Runnings and Rudy and remember them well ~ all wonderful examples of Focus, Concise DMP’s and Persistence against all odds.

I watched Door to Door several years ago and it has stayed with me ever since. A powerful film and  the character’s tenacity, focus and persistence was remarkable without question and a fine example of everything Scroll III encapsulates. Bill Porter did not let anything stand in his way and forged ahead with a gentle, persistent focus and all the while observed without judgement everything that was going on in and around him. His persistence won him admiration from those who at first judged him and many came to depend and look forward to his visits. Nothing was an obstacle to Bill Porter. All the words and phrases pertaining to “can’t” we’re not part of his reality, never mind his vocabulary. His keen non-judgemental observation facilitated in bringing harmony to those around him and bridging what seemed, insurmountable hurdles. He opened his community to love; a love with no attachment to outcomes.

I was especially struck by the interaction with his assistant who found it difficult to reconcile the homosexual relationship between two men with her faith.  He put it so eloquently within a context she could accept within the doctrines of her faith. Brilliant!  Bill Porter has remained in my mind since watching that film. He is persistence and harmony, incarnate.

Happy New Year Fellow Travelers. It is going to be a Fabulous One!


4 thoughts on “I Can Be What I Will To Be Joyfully!

  1. Aloha Ruby, Mahalo for your insights into the films. I’m not a film goer, but I used to use a little monologue from “Harvey” as an audition piece for acting ;-)) I look forward to your future blogs and wish you a wondrous 2016! Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht


  2. Thanks for a wonderful review of “Door to Door”. After reading this, I will make time to watch it. I enjoy the way you write, very easy to read, (if it was a picture/photo, I would say its easy on the eye, not sure of the an appropriate comparison) well done.


  3. Thanks Martin. Hope you get as much out of Door to Door as I did. Appreciate your kind words. Reading your comments made me smile. Lovely way to start the day!


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