Sharing our Unique Self with the World!

I am Nature’s greatest miracle! Isn’t it wonderful that while we share so many similarities with each other, no one fingerprint is the same! It’s really quite amazing to think of that when we consider there are approximately 7.125 Billion (as of 2013) of us on planet earth! So many of us and yet we each inherently carry something that makes us unique and never to be copied in totality. Quite wonderful!

Brings to mind teaching art classes. There are always those students who worry that if too many people learn the same technique, it will be copied and done over and over again.  I don’t fret such stuff. To date I have not seen anyone in a class make anything that looks the same to anyone that anyone else has made. Everyone has their own sensibility they bring to the making process in much the same way I’m sure we all do to what ever it is we do. It is fascinating to think how wonderfully the same we are and yet how uniquely different we are and that is what makes this world so diverse and rich.

To further that thought Og refers to nurturing our drive to continuously strive for our very best and not get “stuck” in complacency of past achievements. This is the stuff that keeps us vital and makes our lives rich with the adventures and experiences we invite when we persist toward continuous growth. Where did this idea come from that once we retire or get older, we give up?!

My Mom was 98 years young when she passed.  She had moved through some tough challenges in her life growing into the vital, vibrant vulnerable being she was, that brought so much joy to everyone who crossed her path. She didn’t finish high school. Went to an off campus university course to study print making for the first time when she was 78 years young.

She found something in every day to be excited about and grateful for, whether it was a new blossom on a plant in spring, a bird coming to the feeder, the color of a morning sky ~ much like the positive statement we are writing on a card every day. On those days when she was feeling blue, which happened more often as her brothers, husband, sister and friends passed away before her, she would make a really big pot of soup, remembering  the lovely things about them as she chopped vegetables to fill the pot and she would feed everyone who came around. She didn’t have to know them, they could be anyone who knocked on the door whether there to fix something or sell something. They would arrive at her door a stranger and leave a friend, always coming back to visit and not just because she made amazingly good soup, as much because she had a way with people.  She was generous with her time, and her joy was infectious and she didn’t stop learning, reading or gardening and taking wind baths until 3 days prior to leaving this planet.

She taught me a lot about being grateful, being persistent and working towards a goal. Sometimes her persistence would drive me crazy, but now, I realize it was a seed she planted that is growing.  She would have been spreading the word about MKMMA all over the Canadian North and other continents travelled had she known about it. She was a natural networker! At her celebration of life, we rented a hall for 250 people and it ended up we didn’t have enough room. She had a long life and didn’t stop making new friends of all ages as she traveled through it.

Such a gift in having the choice to live every day richly and celebrate our uniqueness and MKMMA is giving us all the tools we need to do it! Doesn’t get any better than that! Be well my fellow travelers.


6 thoughts on “Sharing our Unique Self with the World!

  1. Aloha Ruby, What a beautiful blog post! I wish I’d known your Mother!!! I think it’s wonderful that you are able to “share” your Mother with us this way. Mahalo Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht


  2. Amazing post, Ruby! I can’t help but thinking about my wonderful mother. She wasn’t as outgoing as your mom but she didn’t meet a stranger, and she always helped others! Thanks for writing!


  3. Your story about your mom reminds me of days long ago with both my paternal and maternal grandmothers. Things I hadn’t thought about for so long and now come back to me in cherished memories. Thank you.


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