Strange and Wonderful Things

What a week! As Mike Stewart mentioned in his blog last week, the dreams have been prolific and very surreal. Some of them strange and I’m the strange one when they are! What does that mean? Never realized before just how judgmental I truly am! Yuk!!! I seem to have an opinion about pretty much everything and this week was a real workout for me. By the time it’s lights out at night, I’m EXHAUSTED and not from doing anything physical!  Have come face to face with the dark underside of myself and it’s really not pretty at all and has really made me realize how much I live out there and not near enough introspection. Getting better at being an observer, and sometimes forget! Then I just start again.

In my first blog, I mentioned I’m slow to coming to things and it’s taken me this long to feel like I have any semblance of order with my daily routine. Thought I did for a bit there, but it took me forever to get DMP completed and now just completed the revised one. It feels pretty good now and there is still room for improvement but I’m just going to go with it for awhile. Progress not perfection! Need to keep reminding myself about that.

Love the reading. It’s fascinating and resonates with me through every fiber of my being and confirms what I could not previously put words too. Emerson’s Compensation is a bit of a workout, but managing. It makes sense, just takes a bit to take it all in.

The meet up with my mentor was great last night and it was good to meet the “Tribe”. While this is very new and a little uncomfortable at times, I’m loving it. It really is making me step outside of the box and while I fully understand it’s going to take a lot more work;  I know every step forward in this program is one in the right direction and I’m committed and Loving the process! Till next week, happy journeying all.


Week 4 – I changed my Personal Pivotal Needs and Really Connected with my DMP

It takes some digging to really clearly identify and it’s so worth it! Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!


This week was a challenge for me because my guide asked me to re-visit my Personal Pivotal Needs because they were not showing up in my previous DMP versions and  to review the exercise I did in week two which was to select two Personal Pivotal Needs and at first I was frustrated because each time I attempted to make the recommended changes to my DMP it caused me to add more details and more outcomes I wanted for my life and still keep it to four hundred words. Yesterday I had a breakthrough by doing the PPN exercise I changed my PPNs to Liberty and Helping others from Libery and Recognition For Creative Expression and then I started editing my DMP and using my guide’s suggestions, when I was done I was able to see multiple instances of myself helping others, it was so cool! Then it hit me,  the purpose…

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Week 4 ~ Getting Excited

Seems I’m slow in arriving to a lot of things, even though I’m excited and ready to go for it! Well, this experience has been no different. I follow instruction pretty good, well perhaps more correctly put, I did some of what I was supposed to do and was diligent with the sit and all of the daily reading requirements,… that is until this past week.

Isn’t it amazing what happens when you just do what you were instructed to do from the beginning. What a revelation! So this week life has changed up a LOT. Just took a little tweaking in mind set and attitude and following through on the “to do” lists really impacted my world in a noticeably HUGE way.

That “do it now”  all by itself is a shocker. It just wiggles ever so gently into my mindset and stuff is getting done around here! It is magic. It’s the wonderful kind of magic done with intention!

Who would think I would actually be looking forward to the sit so much that I even pushed it up to 20 minutes daily and next week it’s going to be a little longer yet. Some days are smoother than others and interesting how I hang onto that critical, judgment thinking and how it so gets me NO where fast! Some days like I mentioned are easier to let go of it, and it is a daily practice fortunately because I need a whole lot more practice in letting stuff go. That’s okay, the first part is recognizing it right and again, it’s a daily practice fortunately for me.

I find it amazing how every day I get yet something more out the mastermind read and all the little pieces start to gel. Yes, this daily structure is something else all right and it is all about what you put into it. Did I mention that intention thing is Huge!

The I thing. That is going to take some work. I get it intellectually and working on the feeling part of it. I get it and it fits, it’s just going to take a little more work to “get there”. When I sit I try to visualize a light that starts white, moving into blush rose and expanding outward. Looking forward to feeling it.

It’s a wonderful journey, more so than I could have ever imagined. An awesome opportunity! Loving life, and loving learning how to make the most of it. Thank you Mark for sharing your vision!

Till next week…..

Feeling Change In The Air

Autumn is always a time of reflection for me. There was always a bit of melancholy when packing up my summer cabin and getting ready for the winter months. A sense of something ending pervaded, as the brilliantly colored leaves found their way to earth’s floor and the musky smells of fall filled the air and tinged everything with a sadness. Now living in much warmer climes, it’s not nearly as dramatic, but still signals change for  me and this year is much intensified since being involved with the MKMA. I feel differently and it’s a good difference. There is no melancholy, rather every day gels a little more as new habits are introduced and replacing some old outmoded ones that only served to keep me stuck! This program has peaked my interest so every day feels fresh and pregnant with potential. Interestingly I find little connections happening with people and things,  and just the other night a show on TV spoke about just the very thing we are delving into ~ the power of our thoughts! It’s amazing how things seem to be connecting. Still find myself having to consciously control my thinking as often I will fall into n-e-g-a-t-I-v-i-t-y, but I stop and make the change. Some of the thoughts coming up make me shake my head in wonder…… never realized how much I drifted off into that strange space before and it’s alarming, however at least now I’m aware of it! So it is with a feeling of anticipation I sit down for my Sunday webinars now. It’s takes me awhile to digest everything, and I’m slow, but persistent and I do feel a change taking place. It’s very subtle, and quiet but it is there. Change is in the air and running through me and there is no sadness as I let go of old habits that do not serve me well. There is a healthy anticipation of what is unfolding and I embrace it wholeheartedly even though it is kicking my butt and making me work like I’ve never done before. It’s time well spent!

What do I want to do when I grow up?

One would think being asked what you would like to do if you had no concerns regarding money and the sky was the limit would a somewhat simple thing to answer. Not so! I’ve spent the past week trying to answer that very question along with what my two Personal Pivotal needs are.

I am shocked to realize that I seem to be more concerned with day to day living and doing the next required thing than dreaming about “what could be” in my life. One would think, I know I certainly did that this would be a cake walk so to speak. Being the perfectionist, (and yes I admit this trait is one I would like to rid myself of because more often times than naught it drives me to distraction and beats spontaneity into the ground which is not to my way of thinking a good thing at all) I got right down to writing up my DMP and got it in. My mentor got back to me with some great responses to help tighten it up and make it more powerful and suggested I send the revised one to her after the Sunday webinar. No worries I thought. I’m on it!  Ha! The Sunday webinar was great, however following it I came face to face with a massive wall of self doubt and confusion! Really?! Where are on earth did that come from?   Why was this happening? I thought I had it all figured out…. sure I did. Well I soon came to find out, I know nothing! The following three days were spent madly trying to logic it out. Well as you can imagine ~ that didn’t work! Finally, after meditating and getting a good nights rest, it became clearer and as that day progressed I felt in my being the answers begin to find their way to the surface. Yes, I wrote my DMP and sent it in. I won’t say there is not a lingering sense of self doubt still, and I will no doubt spend more time on it this week, and I am making a start in chipping the cement away. What I am learning, is it’s okay to not get it right the fist time. It’s okay to be gentle with myself and when I am, the path seems to become a littler more clear. What is most important is I’m enjoying the journey and that is a really important part of all this too. Enjoying the journey.

Happy travels everyone! Will check in next week.

Week 1 Masterkey

Was pumped after our first webinar and just today finished the first draft of my Definitemess of purpose! Interesting process and surprising how the more detailed I tried to get, the more difficult it was to clearly define “my movie” and while I think it’s a good start, it is definately going to take more digging to get down to the real stuff!

Looking forward to the challenge of some serious self change through this process. Thus far finding there is more that resonates than naught and feeling like I’m ready and open to receive. This is a new state of mind for this gal. Been known to be a tad stubborn at times and glad to throw off that way of being as it gets old fast and serves little towards growth.

I can see it’s not going to be a picnic though. No surprise there. Have been around awhile and developed some nasty bad habits so, …. time to roll up the sleeves and get to work! The routine set by the daily reading through out the day and then out loud before bedtime, has been surprisingly easy for me even though I’m not one who normally takes to routine. It even feels good and I do notice a shift towards a more postive attitude consistently. It has become al too apparent how easily I can shift into little niggling negatives normally, and while doing the daily reading, I’m made more aware of those shifts and can readily make an attitude adjustment.  That said, still managed to have a melt down that I wasn’t proud of when upon discovering my company books on quickbooks online had been corrupted and they wanted to charge me $300 to recover the data! Close to seeing red, but got through it to the other side quicker than I normally would have and with less drama. …. Well to be honest, that would have to be confirmed with my husband, but it felt like I got through it quicker and truthfully, there were no dead bodies to be found!

I now need to get to work on the Blueprint Builder. This week it does feel like there is a lot of work to do but I do know the more I work on developing good habits, the smoother things will go ~ just feeling a bit squeezed at the moment with getting everything read, and completed. NOT complaining, just being honest. I do think this will become a mute point as we attune ourselves more to the process and it becomes more second nature as spelled out in scroll #1 of the Greatest Salesman.

There apparently are 700 of us about to embark on this journey inward and I find that uplifting, that so many people are working towards positive change in themselves. That all by itself is such a positive force. Love it!

Till next time ~ journey well